We are a small company that offers apps and games for Apple IOS, Android and Windows platforms.   Please contact us if you have questions, problems or suggestions on how we might develop some of your inspired ideas for an app or game.

Current Releases

Picture Puzzler - Animals

Picture Puzzler is a collection of photos based on a theme which are made into puzzles. They are cut as tiles and then they are switched and rotated to form a puzzle. There are 20 ad free animal picture puzzles with a total of 35 tiles in each set.

Jogging On the Spot

Jogging on the Spot is a fitness application that is designed for the person who is on-the-go and does not always have the time to visit the gym or go for a run. J.O.T.S. tracks your time and circuit laps based on your speed while you mimic the actions of the pacer. You can choose between the female or male runner based on your gender. The app includes five fast paced music tracks to choose from or you may wish to play your own music from another source while the app is running.


You have 60 seconds to guide the ball without it dropping to the bottom or going in the black hole by adding pegs to guide it to the goal.

Pop Drops

You must stop the drops by popping them before they fill your screen to the top with water. When the lighting strikes, the drops will fall faster. Beat your best score and see where you rank in the Game Center leaderboard.